Bus Accident Lawyer

     Bus accidents cause devastating injuries and death to innocent passengers and other drivers who are obeying the law. Whether it is a school bus, city bus, or commercial bus, the weight of these vehicles make them particularly dangerous. You should be aware that the laws are different depending on the type of bus involved. For that reason alone, it is critical for you to meet with an experienced personal injury attorney who knows the law.

     Personal injury attorney Ed Meade at The Meade Law Firm understands the complex laws and regulations governing the operation of public and private buses. He has successfully handled numerous cases involving city and public transit accidents, commercial bus accidents, and school bus accidents. There are sometimes critical notice requirements and deadlines involved in these cases. Your lawyer should be familiar with statutes of limitations, sovereign immunity defenses, and specific laws and regulations applicable to common carriers.

City Buses and Public Transit Systems

     Bus passengers, occupants of private motor vehicles, and pedestrians are seriously injured or killed each year in accidents involving buses owned or operated by governmental entities. When someone has been injured through no fault of their own, they are entitled to make a claim for damages against the city or governmental entity responsible for the bus driver’s conduct. Special laws and regulations may apply in these cases and your personal injury attorney needs to understand the doctrine of sovereign immunity and how it may protect governmental entities and their employees. There are also notice requirements and deadlines which make it important for you to meet with an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorney immediately. Do not assume that just because the bus is operated by a governmental entity that those in charge will make sure you are taken care of and treated fairly. Private law firms frequently handle these cases for the governmental entity involved and they will invoke any law, statute, or rule available to them to help minimize and deny your claim.

     If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a public bus, please contact personal injury attorney Ed Meade at The Meade Law Firm today in order to schedule a free personal injury case evaluation.

Commercial Buses

     National commercial bus companies transport passengers throughout the United States. These companies are considered “common carriers” and specific state and federal statutes and regulations govern how they must operate their business. Unfortunately, these companies frequently violate these state and federal statutes and regulations designed to protect the general public. As a result, innocent victims are severely injured in commercial bus accidents. People are injured as a result of driver negligence, failure to train, failure to inspect, and failure to maintain and repair buses and equipment.

     A common carrier is expected to exercise the highest degree of care for the safety of those individuals it transports. In other words, common carriers and their professional drivers are held to a higher standard of care in order to protect the general public.

     Bus accident attorney Ed Meade at The Meade Law Firm is knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with the complicated laws and regulations governing commercial buses and common carriers. If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a commercial bus, please contact us today in order to schedule a free personal injury case evaluation.

School Bus Accidents

     Many school buses are not equipped with seat belts. Children are injured when they fall out of seats when they are in crashes or when drivers brake suddenly. Sometimes accidents occur while children are boarding or getting off the bus. School bus drivers sometimes cause accidents in which occupants of other vehicles or pedestrians on the streets are injured. Because the driver is frequently a government employee, he or she may be protected by the doctrine of sovereign immunity.

     There are sometimes limits regarding the dollar amount an injured person can recover from the school board. These insurance coverage issues can be complex and confusing. All claimants must comply with the statutory notice requirements and deadlines. If you do not give timely notice in a case involving a school bus, you may lose all of your rights. In Virginia, the school bus driver may also have immunity depending on whether there were children on the bus at the time of the accident.

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