Virginia Bicycle Accident Attorney

     Bicycle accident injuries can be very serious.  Bicyclists ride with no protection other than helmets.  Common injuries include broken bones in the legs and feet, skull fractures, head injuries, internal injuries, and road rash.  An injured bicyclist may require months of medical treatment and rehabilitation.  Bicycle injuries frequently result in permanent disability and significant lost wages.

     If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident, do not fix or repair the damaged bicycle without talking to an experienced bicycle accident attorney.  Your bicycle may be needed to help prove your case.  The bicycle may need to be examined, tested, or photographed.  Do not dispose of the bicycle. Keep it in a safe and dry place and make sure it does not sustain any additional damage.  Do not allow anyone else to have access to the bike.  Do not allow it to be altered in any way.

     Bicycle accident attorney Ed Meade at The Meade Law Firm knows the laws and ordinances which apply to the operation and use of bicycles.  Bicyclists have rights too! If you or a family member has been seriously injured in a bicycle accident, please call attorney Ed Meade at The Meade Law Firm today in order to schedule a free personal injury case evaluation. We want to help. (804) 377-2273.